Blød Maud

by Blød Maud

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released April 1, 2014

Patrick Coyle: Drums, Vocals
Emily Crossen: Guitar, Vocals, Bass on tracks 3,7,11
Rob Daubenspeck: Bass, Guitar on tracks 3, 7, 11
Calvin Morooney: Guitar

Recorded and Engineered by Taylor Nordberg in Pittsburgh, PA




Blød Maud Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Dredge
Missing in red foam two places at once
the middle of the ocean and a stranger's thoughts
missing in white foam chasing lead
someone was watching from a window by his bed
the song on this station fits a little too well
his head's going under the ocean swells
later a search boat finds nothing at all
the needle's in the hay, but it's just too dull
the man in the window doesn't drink anymore
his head's on his shoulders but he forgets what for
Track Name: Disembark
You can build a pretty house, but you can't keep out the rain
You can try to love me, but you always miss the vein
I don't listen anymore to a word you say
If I never come back here again I'm better off that way
Track Name: Lenny Whirlwindhorse
Lenny Whirlwindhorse
Where did you go?
That was your mailbox, but that's not your name.
Where did you go?

Lenny Whirlwindhorse
Where did you go?
You'll be gone tomorrow, like you're gone today.
Where did you go?

I saw you in stairwells
in hallways, by murals
You took off your class ring
in police lights flashing
Your face it felt hotter
until you hit the water
Now we're left to wonder
What pulled you under?
Track Name: North Park
I found some hair of yours, I mixed it into mine.
I keep your hair atop my head so you're always on my mind.
I do this because I lost you somewhere I will never find.
I burried you somewhere I can't find
and now you're lost and buried somewhere I can't find.
Track Name: Estrangement Party
My first language forgot my manners
I sit and tell myself that it matters
Tell me nothing, I'll never worry
It's ok to forget about me
He came from another country and
that's what made me easy.
Just because you can tell the whole world doesn't mean you have to
tell the whole world.
He was divorced and tall, breath smelled like alcohol
I never tell myself that it matters at all.
Just because you can tell the whole world doesn't mean you have to
tell the whole world.
Track Name: Autumn Harbor
On the statue sun was shining
All the clouds had silver lining
Air was salty getting colder
By the harbor in October

Never made it walked for hours
Saw a lot, but I got no pictures
Couldn't find what someone told me
Was the one thing I needed to see.
Track Name: Throw Your Kidney Stones At The Banks
20 years old some way to behave
now there's 50 red flags laying on her grave
Did we rob them? And how
They buried her in Spandau.
They were safe looking after my dog
I'll rent the flat in Hamburg
He sleeps best while I'm out to sea
He bragged about Stalingrad and lost me.

Maybe we'll get them next time
You'll hear me laughing in Stammheim.
Track Name: Johnny Marrtyr
You won't tell me what you see
are you staring at the wall or are you looking at me
and why are you so quiet now?
We'll roll in salt and find out faults
Cracks that never shrink and only grow
we didn't notice months ago.

You don't know how I could feel it
When you thought of someone different
If you wake before the sunrise
I will be what opens your eyes.

You're getting rusty.
Track Name: Shallow Water
I can only swim in shallow water
I can't bring myself back home to you
because every time I do there's more bad news
and it's holding me under shallow water.

I will drive for hours in the wrong direction
I'm not turing around until I'm good and ready
but I will not remember one thing I see
because my eyes are open, but I'm underwater.

I went to your hometown trying to lose you
and I do not know how I got there
My hands were in my head and I'm going nowhere
I'm just treading around in your shallow water.
Track Name: I Can't Get Off If You Don't Scoff
I can see your cheekbones
better than I could be fore
You know it makes me nervous
when you're heading out the door.

I could tear you around or I could say yes,
but I feel suspicious you never look your best
Mining at my marrow like it's just a drug,
call it an addiction that follows falling in love.

I could wipe your eyes for you
I wish you'd do it for yourself
You know I think you're perfect
just like everyone else.

Stinking like the sweat from the heaven on your floor
You like the smell of me but you like smelling me more
Mining at my marrow like it's just a drug,
call it an addiction that follows falling in love.

Looking out your window
you worry cause you think I'm bored,
but you're a broken record
I wanna listen more and more
Track Name: The World Is Too Big For Right And Wrong
I didn't think it was that strong, the world's too big for right and wrong
He lost his mind under his tongue, the world's too big for right and wrong
You had us fooled all along, the world's too big for right and wrong
I think that we should just move on, the world's too big for right and wrong

Take your time. Don't take long, the world's too big for right and wrong
Not flying too close to the sun, the world's too big for right and wrong
I'm not the type you can lean on, the world's too big for right and wrong
You weren't having any fun, the world's too big for right and wrong.