by Blød Maud

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released November 7, 2014

Produced, Engineered, and Recorded by Taylor Nordberg in State College, PA

Album artwork by Cecilia Ebitz (also special thanks to Casey Sandala)

Thanks to:
Rob Daubenspeck, Taylor Nordberg, Cecilia Ebitz, Casey Sandala, Tyler Gearhart, Patrick Miller, Nate Hashagen




Blød Maud Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Goose Flesh
All of my nerves were made of steel when I had them at all
Now I'm just faulty wires short out behind the wall
Pull the rug out I won't fall
Increase the value with a tank of gas
you lost your shit when you split in half
you've got my life on paper you've got my wires tapped
wait a long time and I'll grow back
You're like a house where I've lived before
with more empty hallways and locked doors
you give me gooseflesh until I'm sore and don't exist here anymore
It's a grey world of snowy screens
the smell of old men and spots of grease
take my passport, check my ID, but while you're reading get on your knees
Pull the rug out let it fall
Track Name: Golden Age of Cinema
You lent me strange movies
from when you were young
I said to make you laugh
"Golden age of cinema"

A Loud engine, the noise fading
our friends peeled off like our clothing
I felt like no fun
Because you felt too young

I could see it in the dark what you call the afterglow
It doesn't flatter me when you put on such a show
She's not coming home, tell me not to go
I didn't wanna know, I didn't wanna know

Behind me, the light's blunted
You don't need me, I don't want that
I know it could be worse
I'll decide myself what hurts

The color drains your cheeks as your blood starts to slow
You're sand beneath my feet shifting with the undertow
Turning on your side, telling me to go
I didn't wanna know, I didn't wanna know
Track Name: Sunday
I don't know what to say when you call with all your problems
I don't know how to tell you that all of this could all be your fault
It shouldn't take so long
There you go just like you wanted you're on your own
You'd like it if you weren't so stubborn
Where'd I go? Strange now you think it matters
I told you so, you want back the time you wasted
It shouldn't take so long
Track Name: Red Birds
Oh the red birds and the dead leaves
I feel so much like winter's trees
I've been letting go, leaves are spreading
I wonder when you all will forget me
When I'm gone take all of my things
to a frozen lake and wait for the Spring
When the ice melts, you'll hear thunder
Go out and watch me going under

Or just put me in a rocket
I'll go so fast I'll get time back
In a few years, I could come down
25 again I don't want to
Cause all my friends they have been taken
By a god or by valkyries
They'll be coming back for me soon
I'll be in the graveyard too

(hay pat)
I don't think you really see me
I fear that you're not really sane at all
You burn deep down inside without perspiring
You catch yourself before you start to fall

You'll remember me if you want to (You see the birds in branches making fragments)
You could be like me if you wanted to (You hear your name with every single call)
If you act like I used to (There's something in the way their wings collide)
Might do you some good if you tried to (They take you to the very start of fall)
Track Name: Separated By A Small Stream
How'd you ever make me feel like something I could never be?
Your hands pound the steering wheel, our children singing in the backseat
I can't do this anymore. Go up and down the hills and pass me.

When you're looking out for birds, remember when I was a young one.
My cold skin too white for words, the warmth I had, had not been burned up
When we were rowing through the ice, you thought I'd always have enough.
Cold hands inside warm sheets, a salt-sweat taste on my tongue
the red lenses we saw through to match our cheeks and lapel pins
the way you held me all together, until you dissolved in me like silk.

There was a fire down the street and we could feel it on the cold glass
our bodies and the window meet, I was so worried I could not ask
Our favorite places they were fine, I fell asleep while you were working
Your feelings are nothing like mine, I could never have a sure thing
I always knew there'd come a time, separated by a small stream.

We wore it to the threads. Wrung it out just like a rag.
I know you didn't think we could
We ground it into dust.